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Sound Bath relaxation with singing bowls

This quick SOUND BATH should guide you into an immediate state of RELAXATION.
You can listen to it whenever you want to – except while driving in your car (!), as it really calms down your nervous system!

// Just grab you HEADPHONES
// Come into a comfortable seating or lying position
// Close your eyes and take a few clearing breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth
// Listen and observe

After the singing bowls become silent again, give yourself a little time to stay in complete silence for as long as you need.

Gong Healing Frequencies

This is a 10 minute Session full of frequencies of the Tam Gong.

Please grab your headphones – if you do so, the sound experience will be more powerfull.

Come into a comfortable seating or lying position, close your eyes.


Ambient Healing #1

Healing Sounds & Vocals

Grab your headphones!
Get comfy, sit or lie down!
Listen & observe!

A genuine project from my heart came true and is finally ready to be shared with you. It all started with recording Singing Bowls and some vocals & ended up being a 12 minute Ambient Sound Healing.

Ambient Healing #2

Listen to this 20 minute Ambient Healing

Use your headphones.
Lie down on the ground, on your couch or in your bed.
Close your eyes.

I used Singing Bowls, a Rain Pipe, Koshis, Crystal Bowls and my own voice to put you in a blissful and calm state of mind.

Chakra Meditation with Healing Sounds

Guided Meditation

🔸 Benutz deine Kopfhörer
🔸 Leg oder setz dich bequem hin
🔸 Augen zu und schau was passiert!

Guided Chakra Meditation in English combined with Healing Sounds and Vocals by Marthe and Cristina Mercedes.